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Muriel’s War:
An American Heiress in the Nazi Resistance

Barnes & Noble

(Palgrave Macmillan)


Praise for Muriel’s War

“Beautiful, brilliant, rich, brave, Muriel Gardiner could have been a character in a potboiler novel — but she was a real-life heroine of the Nazi resistance and Sheila Isenberg has done an extraordinary job of documenting her remarkable life both conscientiously and suspensefully in this absorbing biography.”

– Amanda Vaill, author of Everybody Was So Young: Sara and Gerald Murphy – A Lost Generation Love Story

“Sheila Isenberg tells Muriel Gardiner’s extraordinary story exceedingly well. Muriel’s War portrays the energetic idealism and exceptional generosity of its subject with admiration, even devotion. Through careful attention to every available source, Isenberg details the remarkable achievements of a life filled to overflowing with benevolent action and unflinching reflection.”

– George Rupp, President, International Rescue Committee

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Available through:
Barnes & Noble

(Random House, 2001)
(Authors’ Guild Reprint, 2005)


A Hero of Our Own:
The Story of Varian Fry

“Varian Fry was the American Schindler. He even had a list. Sheila Isenberg’s book A HERO OF OUR OWN helps rescue Fry from obscurity. And with its stories of desperate exiles, menacing Nazis, forged documents and midnight escapes through the mountains, it reads at times like the script for some old Hollywood movie. Think Warner Brothers in the 1940′s. Think CASABLANCA (even down to the transit visas for Portugal). All that’s missing is Peter Lorre.”

– New York Times Book Review





Women Who Love…

“Isenberg’s skills in getting these women to reveal themselves, her ability to present them as sympathetic and understandable, and her synthesis of the material they provided make for an engrossing report.”

– Kirkus Reviews



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Women Who Love
Men Who Kill

Available through:
Barnes & Noble

(Simon & Schuster, 1991)
(Dell Paperback, 1992)
(Authors’ Guild Reprint, 2000)




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My Life As A
Radical Lawyer

With Willian M. Kunstler

Available through:
Barnes & Noble

(Birch Lane Press, 1994)
(Paperback, Carol Publishing 1996)
(Audio tape, Homespun Productions 1996)


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The Life and Times
of Ron Brown

(collaborator) by Tracey L. Brown

Available through:
Barnes & Noble

(William Morrow & Co; April 1998)



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